[Magical Musing] Titanshift in the Current Meta

Written by Shawn



Some players have asked me about Titanshift so I just wanted to write a short summary of the deck. To give some background, I have played some version of Scapeshift since 2014. I think there’s nothing more fun than using your lands to either kill your opponent or clearing their board.


The power of Titanshift (as opposed to RUG or Bring to Light) is two-fold: 1) it punishes fair, mid-range/control strategies by turning off their creature removal and going over the top with Scapeshift (to outright win the game) or Primeval Titan (to inevitably win the game); and 2) it is extremely consistent – with 28 lands you can make all of your land drops and in the late game, your lands become Lightning Bolts with Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and/or zombies with Field of the Dead for extra utility.



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[Magical Musing] Titanshift in the Current Meta