Season 0 – Open 1

Dear MTG players, SML is happy to announce the next event. Please read this post for all the information and preregistration.

亲爱的MTG玩家,很高兴在这里宣布下一轮SML活动。 点击阅读原文了解活动详情和预报名方法。



地址 Where:

狼人杀桌游俱乐部 W.T.F


Room 501, No. 85 Yongshou Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

比赛赛制 Format:

摩登 Modern

参赛费用 Entry fee:

138元 网上预报名*/Pre-reg.*

150元 现场报名/On site

日期 Date:

06月 29号 (June 29)

开赛时间 Time:

10:00报名 Registration

11:00比赛 Start


奖品池 Prizes:

1: 1x 再战赞迪卡宝藏沸腾山湖 Zen. Exped. Scalding Tarn + 1 BYE

2: 1x 最终救星莉莲娜宝藏 Mythic Edition Liliana, the Last Hope

3-4: 5x MH1 补充包或等值W.T.F消费点数 MH1 boosters or equal W.T.F credit

5-8: 3x MH1 补充包 MH1 boosters

9-10: 2x MH1 补充包 MH1 boosters

11-12: 1x MH1 补充包 MH1 booster


*Click on the Taobao link below or use the Taobao app on your phone to scan the QR code below for pre-registration:


Remember to write your name and DCI number in the comments for the seller.






After the tournament we will update the leaderboard, publish the winning decklists, and post the announcement for the next event.



Stay tuned.



Shanghai MTG League