Season 0 – Open 4

Dear MTG players, SML is happy to announce the next event. Please read this post for all the information and preregistration.

亲爱的MTG玩家,很高兴在这里宣布下一轮SML活动。 点击阅读原文了解活动详情和预报名方法。



地址 Where:

狼人杀桌游俱乐部 W.T.F


Room 501, No. 85 Yongshou Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai


比赛赛制 Format:

标准 Standard


参赛费用 Entry fee:

138元 网上预报名*/Pre-reg.*

150元 现场报名/On-site


日期 Date:

10月26号 (October 26th)


开赛时间 Time:

10:00报名 Registration

11:00比赛 Start


奖品池 Prizes:

1: 4x 锻石秘教徒 Stoneforge Mystic** + 1x 颅击槌 Batterskull** + 1 BYE

2: 4x 否认之力 Force of Negation** + 9x ELD 补充包 ELD boosters

3-4: 12x ELD 补充包 ELD boosters

5-8: 8x ELD 补充包 ELD boosters

9-10: 5x ELD 补充包 ELD boosters

11-12: 3x ELD 补充包 ELD boosters


** 最终内容版本和语言版本将稍后确认。

** Final version and language to be determined later.


Note: We will do a 30 min break after round 2 for lunch.



*Click on the Taobao link below or use the Taobao app on your phone to scan the QR code below for pre-registration:






After the tournament, we will update the leaderboard, publish the winning decklists, and post the announcement for the next event.



Stay tuned.




Shanghai MTG League