Season 1 – Team Open 1

Dear MTG players, SML is happy to announce the next event. Please read this post for all the information and preregistration.

亲爱的MTG玩家,很高兴在这里宣布下一轮SML活动。 点击阅读原文了解活动详情和预报名方法。

This is a Team Constructed** event. Each team is formed by 3 players. Unified construction rules do not apply.




地址 Where:

狼人杀桌游俱乐部 W.T.F


Room 501, No. 85 Yongshou Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai


比赛赛制 Formats:

先驱 Pioneer / 摩登 Modern / 薪传 Legacy


参赛费用 Entry fee:

3 x 138元 网上预报名*/Pre-reg.*

3 x 150元 现场报名/On-site


日期 Date:

2月9号 (February 9th)


开赛时间 Time:

10:00报名 Registration

11:00比赛 Start


奖品池(每个团队) Prizes (for team):

1: 2100 W.T.F 消费点数 W.T.F Store Credit

2: 1200 W.T.F 消费点数 W.T.F Store Credit

3-4: 564 W.T.F 消费点数 W.T.F Store Credit


W.T.F Store Credit can be used to buy anything from the store (1 W.T.F Credit = 1 RMB).

W.T.F 消费点数可以消费一切店内商品和消费项目 (1 W.T.F 消费点数 = 1元)。


**Team Constructed/团队构筑

Team Constructed is a Magic: The Gathering tournament format in which each member of a three-player team competes using a single Legacy, Pioneer, and Modern deck.


Teams must present three format-legal decks. Unified construction rules do not apply. The same card may appear in multiple decks (e.g. four [4] copies of Hallowed Fountain in a team’s Pioneer deck and three [3] copies in its Modern deck). Deckbuilding rules for individual formats still apply.


Players on each team are seated as follows: Seat A is Modern, Seat B is Pioneer, and Seat C is Legacy.


Each player plays a best-two-out-of-three games match where Competitive REL rules apply. The first team to win two (2) matches wins the round, and their team earns three (3) match points.


Teammates may communicate with each other about gameplay decisions such as mulligans, sideboarding, and in-game actions; however, slow play penalties still apply (MTR, Section 5.5).


If a player wishes to leave the table during a match for any reason, that player must call for a judge first or they will no longer be allowed to communicate with their teammates.



SML points are awarded as follows:



Note: We will do a 40 min break after round 2 for lunch.



*Click on the Taobao link below or use the Taobao app on your phone to scan the QR code below for pre-registration:






After the tournament, we will update the leaderboard, publish the winning decklists, and post the announcement for the next event.



Stay tuned.




Shanghai MTG League