W.T.F vs SML Invitational 邀请赛

Thanks to the renewed cooperation with W.T.F we are happy to announce a new and exciting competition system: the W.T.F vs SML Invitational.

由于与W.T.F的重新合作,我们很高兴宣布一个新的令人兴奋的比赛系统:W.T.F vs SML邀请赛



The W.T.F vs SML Invitational is hosted and sponsored by W.T.F every 6 months, at the end of each SML Season.

W.T.F vs SML邀请赛由W.T.F每6个月在SML赛季结束时主持和赞助一次。


The W.T.F vs SML Invitational will be live-streamed, our international coverage team will provide you with the link a few days before the event for your viewing pleasure. Live chat will be available on the day of the event.

W.T.F vs SML邀请赛实时直播,我们的国际报道团队将在活动开始前的几天为您提供链接,以供您欣赏。 活动当天将提供在线交流。


How to qualify for the W.T.F vs SML Invitational:

如何获得W.T.F vs SML邀请赛的资格:


Season 0 (current season)




  • Winner of SML Season 0
  • SML第0季获奖者
  • Winner of W.T.F Invitational Qualifier (W.T.F IQ)
  • W.T.F邀请赛资格赛(W.T.F IQ)的获胜者


Season 1 and following seasons




  • Top 2 SML Leaderboard
  • Top2 SML排行榜
  • Winners of the 2 W.T.F Invitational Qualifier (W.T.F IQ)
  • 2名W.T.F邀请赛预选赛(W.T.F IQ)的获胜者


W.T.F vs SML Invitational 0

W.T.F vs SML 0号邀请赛


The two players will play one match (Bo5).



W.T.F Invitational Qualifier (W.T.F IQ)

W.T.F邀请赛预选赛(W.T.F IQ)


The W.T.F IQ is hosted and sponsored by W.T.F every 3 months.



Note: The formats of the W.T.F vs SML Invitational 0 and W.T.F Invitational Qualifier (W.T.F IQ) will be announced later. Join the W.T.F WeChat group for the latest news and announcements.

注意:W.T.F vs SML邀请赛0W.T.F邀请赛预选赛(W.T.F IQ)的安排将在以后宣布。 加入W.T.F微信论坛,获取最新新闻和公告。


Note 2: The W.T.F vs SML Invitational and the W.T.F Invitational Qualifier (W.T.F IQ) don’t provide SML points for the SML Leaderboard.

注意2:W.T.F vs SML邀请赛W.T.F邀请赛预选赛(W.T.F IQ)不为SML排行榜提供SML积分。


Schedule of the next events:



December 28th, 2019: SML Open 5 – Pioneer

2019年12月28日:SML 5号公开


January 4th, 2020: W.T.F Invitational Qualifier (W.T.F IQ)

2020年1月4日:W.T.F邀请赛预选赛(W.T.F IQ)


January 5th, 2020: W.T.F vs SML Invitational 0

2020年1月5日:W.T.F vs SML0邀请赛


W.T.F vs SML Invitational 0 – International Coverage Team:

W.T.F vs SML 0邀请赛-国际报道团队:


Host and producer: ArthurKing from the Arthurian MagicTG Podcast

主持人和制片人:Arthurian MagicTG 电台的ArthurKing


Technical commentators: Arthur TeamLX, Shawn Hu

技术评论员:Arthur TeamLX,Shawn Hu



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